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Full Body Energetic Orgasm

O N L I N E  C O U R S E

The time has come to take back your own power and create a connection with your own sacred energy.
Welcome to Full Body Energetic Orgasm !


Life force energy

Life force energy is a living and sacred energy that exists in everyone around us and within ourselves. It is sustained by some greater inexplicable force that makes life possible. Life force energy has all the knowledge and power to experience life.


Life force energy includes:


  • Awareness

  • Love

  • Inspiration

  • Creativity

  • Joy and lightness

  • Healing energy

  • Potentials and abilities -> soul level choices

  • Sexual energy, kundalini

  • Courage

  • Power

  • Harmony, balance and peace

  • Invigorating energy


Are you ready to connect with yourself through this great power that is already within you?

In the online course, you will learn to understand


  • How to activate and move life force/ kundalini energy in your own body and chakra channel.

  • How beautiful and holy your own energy and power is.

  • How you can use this energy to promote and maintain your own well-being.




The online course includes


  • Clear and informative theory videos

  • Opening meditations

  • Soundtracks that support your voice use

  • Steps to bring your entire body into an energetic orgasmic state



The online course is valid for 6 months from the time of purchase.

Verkkokurssi kuva 2.jpg

Course instructor

Diana Nazerova

Seer, energy healer
& spiritual growth mentor

Diana has worked as a seer, spiritual growth mentor, energy healer and trainer for more than 10 years, opening people's consciousness and heart connection. Diana has a strong connection to the spirit world. Loving presence has helped many to find themselves, their purpose in life and their potential. In energy treatments, many have freed themselves from their heavy energies and found their inner light again. Many people's life paths have taken a permanent turn in a more conscious direction thanks to Diana's knowledge, cleansing and opening energy.


Diana, with her gentle and present being, creates a safe atmosphere to open up to the Full Body Orgasm experience. The energetic orgasm of the whole body was a very liberating and empowering experience, which helped e.g. in the awakening of one's own creativity. After the treatment, I definitely feel that I am more whole.

Thank you Diana for making this course and teaching this <3

The Full Body Orgasm course is a deep self-care method for me. This has opened me up on deep levels: mentally, spiritually and physically. The Full Body Energetic Orgasm is truly comprehensive and different from a physical orgasm. If you want to open up to life and its possibilities, I warmly recommend the course.

The experience was shocking for me. Already after the first day I was in a wonderfully euphoric state. I was happy with every cell in me. The explosive emotional outbursts of the second day caused something very final and at the same time endless. The fear vanished and a new kind of fearlessness has brought a whole new dimension to my life.




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